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Boost your practice with LifeCheck

We are revolutionising how health practitioners engage with their clients and leverage services!


  • We understand the importance of maintaining good health – not to merely add years to our lives but to add life to our remaining years. 
  • Our health is our greatest asset, yet it can be so easily overlooked.
  • LifeCheck is a quick, efficient, yet comprehensive way to get a snapshot of your health and identify your risk factor for chronic diseases.

A proactive, cost-effective, and efficient solution. LifeCheck is designed with patients in mind, for practitioners to use.

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About LifeCheck


We are revolutionising patient care dynamics to encourage better health conversations. With LifeCheck, you can…

  • Enhance the pre-screening process,
  • Ease patient diagnostics
  • Improve progress monitoring,
  • Regularly assess client health status for continuous revenue
  • Pursue a proactive approach,
  • Catch early signs of chronic illnesses for prevention and timely intervention.

Create value for your practice

Keep up with your clients using regular LifeCheck updates and easily address higher-risk health issues

For health practitioners, LifeCheck establishes a continuous revenue stream centred around preventive care by enabling you to continuously engage with your client base

Comprehensive Baseline Reports 

LifeCheck predicts the likelihood of developing chronic conditions with simple health markers and lifestyle questions

Personalised Health Insights

LifeCheck allows practitioners to provide tailored health recommendations based on individual assessment results

Anonymised Data for Privacy

We anonymise client information and identity to protect confidentiality

Digital Delivery

LifeCheck is delivered digitally and easily accessible online

Patient Engagement Tool

Start important conversations with clients regarding their health, lifestyle, and prevention

Smooth Integration to Practice 

Easily integrate LifeCheck into your existing business practice

Integrating LifeCheck to your General Practice

Provide better care for your clients in an efficient and cost-effective way

LifeCheck can add value to your practice and improve all aspects of patient care


Ease patient diagnostics


Regularly assess client health status for continuous revenue


Catch early signs of chronic illness for easy prevention and timely intervention.

The message for your clients

  • Gain understanding of your future health and take action to avoid possible problems before they start
  • Personalised Health Insights: Get recommendations made just for you based on your lifestyle and particular health information.
  • Enhanced Wellness: With practical guidance and preventative care techniques, improve your general health.
  • Early Identification: By early identification of possible health issues, the likelihood of a successful treatment increases.
  • Peace of Mind: You’ll feel safer knowing that you’re managing their health proactively – health management done right!


The Heart Health Station, the next phase of preventive health technology!

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land where we work and live and pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging.